What You’ll Find Inside The HR Course

  • What you’ll find is 100% Satisfaction and great HR content in each video course (with 15 modules) … that contains over 15 years of my HR knowledge in a simple system that allowed me to train and mentor many future and present HR Professionals.
  • It’s going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to break into HR so you can get the required knowledge to land the job. Gain real HR insight for real impact needed on the job.
  • I’m giving you on the job training before you step foot on the job. The practical knowledge of what a HR Professional does on a daily basis. Behind the scenes access to the processes, the HR forms, the computer programs (and of course explanations on how to do it all).
  • As soon as you register you will get instant access to the course
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How to Break Into HR In A Day Course

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Webinar Courses – Live and Pre-Recorded


The HR webinar courses cover, in detail, various topics of functional areas of the HR Body of Knowledge. These are interactive courses with the opportunity to participate and ask questions. The course includes: PowerPoint presentation and quizzes, and handouts.

Fee: Free

Time: Emailed to all participants

Dates: Emailed to all participants


The Course Facilitators are Subject Matter Experts. All facilitators are experienced HR Professionals! For questions about the courses call (800) 559-8905.

Interview Questions – Ebook

Best Answers to Land the Job

The Ebook will cover, in detail, the most frequently asked interview questions by employers. Most people get nervous and don’t know the best response to a Hiring Managers question. These answers may help you solidify the deal and land the job.

Fee: Free