#1 HR Expert is a human resource consulting firm with numerous services that support HR students, employees, employers, businesses, and HR professionals. We have hands-on opportunities in a variety of disciplines, including staffing & recruiting. HR training, consulting, business development, networking, and communications. You will be working in various departments to enhance your skillset. Student interns are accepted from a variety of majors Human Resources, Business, and Psychology.


  • Applications open on TBD.
  • The deadline to apply is TBD
  • The program begins on TBD
  • Internship end date TBD

What to Expect

  • Gain work experience through projects within individual departments
  • Intense focus on professional development, including, recruiting, and HR mentoring.
  • Roundtable discussions on career planning with executive leadership
  • Build lasting professional relationships and grow your professional network
  • Mentorship to gain experience as an HR professional to excel in their field

What We Expect

  • Take on new and challenging assignments with enthusiasm and complete tasks within established timelines
  • Show initiative and attempt to work through issues independently before asking for help
  • Resolve issues, innovate, and experiment to devise new solutions to critical problems
  • Analytical thinking and deductive reasoning to meet business requirements
  • Communicate using clear, concise, and user-friendly language
  • Have a laser focus on customer service

Work Hours and Location

Hours based on the scope of work. This program requires a  commitment online you will not be required to go into an office location.


This is a part-time, non-paid position (will qualify for commission). Once you complete the program you will be able to place your internship experience on your resume. It is a competitive market and based solely on academic and work experience. We are here to fulfill your HR needs.

Internship Application

To apply, please complete this form and email your resume in PDF format to info@1hrexpert.com.

Please contact the Internship Planning team via email at info@1hrexpert.com with any questions you may have.