1. The Future of Interviewing

     Interview questions, meant to serve as criteria to judge a candidate’s character, work ethic and talent have long since stopped evolving and become generic standardized questions. Recent research has compiled evidence that recruiters’ questions are becoming redundant, lacking complex thinking,…Read More

  2. 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing HR Boosts Efficiency

    Depending on the size of an organization, outsourcing the Human Resources department to an outside company is quickly becoming adopted by an estimated 50% of organizations. 5 benefits according to Forbes are: Saves Time – companies can redirect their focus to profit oriented functions Cost Efficie…Read More

  3. The stress, time, and cost in hiring!

    How much time and money do you spend advertising for open positions? Screening, scheduling, and tracking down applicants is very time-consuming. Some applicants may not even be the right fit for the company. Fortunately, recruitment agencies will ease some of the stress that comes with finding the p…Read More

  4. What Statistics Show About Employee Morale

    Engaging in employees actively can improve your employee’s morale and overall interest at the office. Studies show that happier, content employees increase work productivity as well as contribute to your brand strategy. Observe and engage your employees. Small surveys and a well-placed award syste…Read More