1. How to Create an Excellent Conflict Resolution Policy

    A utopian workplace doesn't exist, despite how hard some people try to convince themselves otherwise. Even if you hire the very best people and cultivate a positive, professional work environment, there will always be conflict. This is especially true in any workplace with stressful objectives and g…Read More

  2. How HR Can Combat Workplace Depression

    Workplaces are full of different types of people, and even the most determined professional's performance can be affected by his or her health. As an HR expert, you will get to help people work through very difficult times, and you'll have a unique view into the mental health of whatever organizatio…Read More

  3. Strategies for Retaining Talent

    Companies are made of people, and without them, it is very difficult to be successful. The more great people you can keep, the greater your company can become. The problem is turnover, and according to the recruitment firm Robert Half, employee turnover has continued to increase over the last three …Read More

  4. Skills That Make Great HR Managers – Part 2

    Human resource managers get a bad rap sometimes. While they are often portrayed as distant and ineffective, they are actually at the heart of companies, making it possible for those companies to thrive and move forward. They wear many different hats within their single occupation, and it gives them …Read More

  5. Skills That Make Great HR Managers – Part 1

    Are you wanting to become a human resource manager? It’s a job that gives you unique opportunities to impact the lives of the company’s employees as well as the life of the company itself. You have the chance to be the key player in widespread success, and it’s exciting! Your own success is im…Read More

  6. Signs a Company Needs an HR Manager – Part 2

    In our last blog, we discussed what a big step hiring a full-time human resources expert can be for a new company. Young businesses often make the mistake of waiting too long, worried that they won’t have enough work for the HR person to do full-time and that it won’t be worth the expense. As a …Read More

  7. Signs a Company Needs an HR Manager – Part 1

    Companies begin as ideas and conversations. They’re ephemeral, and the only point at which they become realities is when people team up to make them happen. If new companies have what it takes, they turn into so much more, and it seems the bigger they get, the more work they need. The key to any c…Read More

  8. The Future of Interviewing

     Interview questions, meant to serve as criteria to judge a candidate’s character, work ethic and talent have long since stopped evolving and become generic standardized questions. Recent research has compiled evidence that recruiters’ questions are becoming redundant, lacking complex thinking,…Read More

  9. 5 Reasons Why Outsourcing HR Boosts Efficiency

    Depending on the size of an organization, outsourcing the Human Resources department to an outside company is quickly becoming adopted by an estimated 50% of organizations. 5 benefits according to Forbes are: Saves Time – companies can redirect their focus to profit oriented functions Cost Efficie…Read More

  10. The stress, time, and cost in hiring!

    How much time and money do you spend advertising for open positions? Screening, scheduling, and tracking down applicants is very time-consuming. Some applicants may not even be the right fit for the company. Fortunately, recruitment agencies will ease some of the stress that comes with finding the p…Read More