Depending on the size of an organization, outsourcing the Human Resources department to an outside company is quickly becoming adopted by an estimated 50% of organizations.

5 benefits according to Forbes are:

  1. Saves Time – companies can redirect their focus to profit oriented functions
  2. Cost Efficient – relieves companies from hiring expensive permanent HR staff experts
  3. Boosts compliance – a third party compliance expert is handed the responsibility of resolving regulation issues
  4. Recruitment of Skilled staff – compared to a traditional HR department, an outsourcing company has more insight and experience with recruitment
  5. Access to latest management software – companies can receive information and recommendations without having to navigate various resources and databases

Whether as a means to boost help in the HR department in a large organization or better equip a small organization to handle the legal aspects of employer responsibilities, Outstanding Care Agency offers dedication and proper handing with their HR Consulting & Outsourcing services that handle: Payroll, 401k, Medical Benefits, Wage & Hour, Performance Issues, Compliance, and more.

– Karla Legorreta


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